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Vacations, or rather, my favorite Vacation

I have one favorite vacation place, (and I’m not one for choosing favorites most of the time) called Ozark Family Camp, in Missouri-that is, the facilities that Ozark uses is in Missouri. The facility is called Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp. It’s on private property owned by a family. They let different groups use the facility. They have conferences most of the year long: kids camps, Holiday time camps, Family Camps, Teen Camps, etc. 

       The camp that I attend is Ozark Family Camp. They have Christian meetings in the Plymouth Brethren Assembly way of doing things, classes for all ages, activities, and a great big dining hall, and a volunteer staff. But also, campers who are physically able to do so, and tall enough, are asked to volunteer to help serve food, work in the dish room, help with clean-up after meals, or encouraged to help in the kitchen at other times. Also, a great advantage of this Camp is that they don’t have a set fee. Every family, couple, or single person attending gives as they are able, some more than others.

  I was going to share, or try to share, about other ways to find/plan vacations but I'm far from an expert on that. :)

  Have a great end of summer, and plan a great vacation for next year!

Picture taken after Rainstorm at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp. Vienna, MO, August 1, 2018

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