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Screen Printing a shirt is a fun craft, activity

I got a special treat today of learning about Screen Printing for clothes.

I went to a public library summer program which taught about screen printing, and provided a shirt to put a design on. The main teacher helped me make a shirt, pictured below.

See this picture of my design on a light-gray t-shirt

Personal Screen-Printed Shirt

You can draw your own designs or find them on the internet (pay attention to copyrights), or elsewhere

You need:

1) a wooden frame, with a cloth-like material, or mesh

2) a shirt—long-sleeve or short-sleeve

3) some water source (like a faucet sprayer)

4) clamps (for the frame)

5) some dark place (like a film-developing dark room)

6) scrub brush

7) squeegee

8) degreaser

9) ink

10) Photo Emulsion

11) Scoop Coater

How to make a screen-printing shirt (basic steps)

1) Put your design on a laminate-like paper or Film Positive.

2) Make, or buy, a wooden frame about 14x11’’, put a mesh on it

3) put degreaser on the mesh, spread it around with the scrub brush, wash it off, let it dry

4) put the emulsion on the screen, let it dry

5) burn image on screen with sunlight or a dark-room-like source of light

6) put screen into a clamp, above a flat, hard surface

7) put ink on screen and spread it out (with scoop coater); you can use more than one color of ink, and mix them up on your screen for a stripe effect on your shirt

8) put shirt on flat surface

9) lower frame onto shirt, and then pull, or push, the scoop over the screen pressing hard, pressing the ink down while spreading it out over the design

note: make sure your shirt is correctly positioned on hard surface to put the design where you want it on the shirt; a little below the shirt’s neckline is good

note 2: If I forgot anything, I’m sorry. It’s a little technical for me. You can check out the video below.

For a better, more clear demonstration, see:


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