• Theresa Simone

Reflections on My Own Spiritual Growth

I think I believed the Bible, at least intellectually, years before

accepting Christ as Lord and Savior.

Over the years, I was excited by what I learned from the Bible,

especially what was in the Gospels. I think my mind and soul was

thirsting for spiritual things, and God, before I could recognize or

start to really appreciate them, and Him.

I am, this winter and spring, reading and thinking about things pertaining 

to Good Friday/Easter. This February, I started a book called Killing Jesus

by Stephen Mansfield, about the conspiracy behind the most famous murder

in history. The book kind of begins with some of the background information.

I'm hoping it will be enlightening reading which will reveal new information.

Last August, I joined my Dad's Christian Apologetics class which he's teaching

at church. He's taught a lot of good points- things, if you want to call it that.

Unfortunately, I can't remember enough of it, but I do have notes. :)

How do I wrap this up? I was desperate for something to write about,

and some of these words 'came to me' while I was eating breakfast. You

know what's like to have so many thoughts that you can't write them

down fast enough? Well, I don't think I've covered everything I could have,

but this is a good start for now.

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