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My Concerns about the World

This blog post idea I got from my website builder provider, Wix.com. I haven't seriously considered writing on this subject before. I am concerned about poverty and unclean, polluted water in other parts of the world, probably influenced by sponsoring a child in two other countries since about 1996, or rather 3 different girls one at a time.

I have sponsored two girls in Guatemala, and now one in Mali, through two different organizations: first Children International, in Kansas City, Mo, and now currently through World Vision, based in Federal Way, WA. Through both organizations I've become aware of poorer people's struggles concerning healthy food and water, needing of clean clothes, and a need for the adults to have a trade or vocation through which they can provide for their families. Some families struggle with providing their children with the basics, and so find it hard to afford what the children need for school and medical care.

Another big issue for people in developing, poorer countries is spiritual help. Lots of people don't have Bibles, or have access to them, and thousands or millions of people are still waiting for a Bible translation in their heart language, the language they understand the best. Some people are caught in religious beliefs that leave them feeling trapped and scared, especially of Satan. I admit I haven't supported Bible distributions as much as I could, but I do send a money gift to Wycliffe Associates, who support Wycliffe Bible Translators, occasionally.

I guess I shouldn't overlook another big, ongoing issue in the world: people oppressed or harassed, sometimes violently, by other people groups, or their own governments. Two examples are: Israel, oppressed and harassed by their Islamic and Palestinian enemies, and Venezuela, oppressed by their own corrupt or Communist government . (I'm not sure they still are)

I encourage you to find a cause to support: sponsoring a child, supporting a clean water project, or some sort of organization giving spiritual help to a certain people group or country.

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