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Movies I've Enjoyed/Seen

I feel like I've watched a lot of movies, but probably not as much as an average person.

I want to share some movies with you, though they are not all favorites.

The Client, a movie based on the novel by John Grisham, is about an 11-year old boy named Mark, who with his brother, 'witnessed' the suicide of a lawyer for a Mob guy who killed a U.S. Senator. Mark then goes looking for a lawyer, played by Susan Sarandon, who is a divorcee who has lost her kids to her ex-husband. Together, Mark and the lawyer, Reggie Love, go down to Louisiana from Memphis, Tennessee. to find the body of the Senator, and incriminate the mob guy, and put Mark in the Witness Protection Program.

Another inspiring movie is Apollo 13, about the severely damaged spacecraft, damaged during a 'turning of the oxygen tanks', and the heroic efforts of the Astronauts, Jim Lovell(played by Tom Hanks), Jack Swigert (played by Kevin Bacon), and Fred Haise, (played by) and the people at Mission Control in Houston. This story took place in 1970.

I really enjoyed Hunt for Red October, maybe because of Sean Connery, or because it involved submarines, I don't know. The Red October was a submarine, the newest and most advanced submarine, owned by the Russians but captained by a man named Marko Ramius, who was actually Lithuanian, and wanting to defect to the U.S. and turn over the submarine to America. While Ramius is trying to connect with the Americans, a Russian submarine from the Fleet is trying to hunt down Ramius.

A movie I watched recently was called Change of Heart. It was about a young man, named Ken, whose wife, Kim, wants to adopt a child, but Ken isn't really excited about the idea at first. While in the adoption process, the young couple learn that Kim has cancer. She gets treatment, thinks the cancer is under control and still wants to go through with the adoption. After they receive the child, a baby girl from South Korea, then Kim finds out her cancer is terminal and dies soon after. Then the agency director says that Ken can't keep the child, the adoption hasn't been finalized, and that the baby girl needs to go to another family as the agency has a policy of not giving a child to a single parent. Ken goes to court to fight for his little girl, who had already been given over to another family. Ken wins his court case and gets his baby girl back and finalizes the adoption.

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