• Theresa Simone

Life Versus Death

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Today is the 45th anniversary of Roe V Wade, the

Supreme Court Decision legalizing abortion.

A long time huge scar and shame for this country.

With numerous consequences, of which I could

probably only name a few, like not enough workers between the ages of 1-45.

Is the country's consience seared?

How many people feel awful about Abortion in its entire awefulness?

How soon can abortion be stopped?

I wonder if God is working through other avenues, other than Federal Legislation, to slow it down?

It seems like there's some unanswered questions. Don't know what else to say.

addendum on March 17, 2018: My Spiritual Birthday,

when I accepted Christ as my Savior was on a Jan. 22

anniversary of Roe V. Wade. That's very significant to me.

So long for now!

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