• Theresa Simone

Is The Earth Warming?

Global Warming, and contaminating of the air and the earth, is a big controversial subject. Some say that man's polluting is making glaciers melt too fast. ( This blog is written from my perspective, not backed up by any research. I did get the idea from a website, though.) I think God has a way of sustaining the creation, the way the earth was made, no matter what man does. (Another related thought: God has kept man from destroying the earth, or almost obliterating other countries, with nuclear weapons. Fear is sometimes a very helpful deterrent. I think the nuclear-weapons-holding countries are afraid of the consequences of other countries using those weapons agains them.) God also knew ahead of time, and knows currently, about all the industrialization that would develop in the world, and all the resulting pollution. But I also think we should endeavor to clean up what we can, treat the earth better, not take things for granted, and be better stewards in general of the beautiful planet He's put us on, and given us to enjoy.

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Let's reduce the pollutants: plastic bags, water

bottles, and the others. Why can't we find a way to eliminate them without throwing them into the oceans, harming the innocent sea life and animals? And why can't we make non-polluting packaging? Finding a way is one of our modern-day challenges!

Dolphins in the Ocean


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