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History-A Very Worthwhile Topic.

Someone said, "if we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.' I don't know how true that is, but it kind of makes sense. One subject that keeps becoming an issue, and is a big issue in America right now, is Social Justice, especially for African-Americans. I personally think America has not totally learned the lesson of the American Civil War. I think the Civl Rights movement in the 1960s, in Martin Luther King's time, didn't solve all the problems. Why do African-Americans still feel targeted by, and more suspicious, by white police officers? Why, despite having had an African-American president, does America still struggle with prejudice against African-Americans? Why aren't White Americans a better example for African American? Well, the white society is also messed up with: divorces, single-parent homes, domestic abuse of wives and/or children, workaholics, materialism, and some people content to live off money from the government. If white society can't get their act together and improve things, why are we surprised that the African-Americans, seemingly and apparently disadvantaged since the Civil War, are struggling so much to improve themselves, and their families? America. all ethnic groups, need God to straighten us out and improve things. We don't have enough will or power to do it by ourselves.

A history course I took in homeschool, in middle-school or high school, by audio tapes, believe it or not, made the point that History is His Story, that is, God's story. God is outside of time, but is controlling current events. Mankind was made by Him, for Him, and for a relationship with Him. I think God gave me a good memory for the purpose of memorizing Scripture, to eventually bring me to Himself. I don't, however, always enjoy remembering some certain events in History because some events are really bad, really evil, and destructive and hurtful to some parts, or all parts, of humanity, civilization. Remembering bad events weighs heavily on me, mentally and emotionally. But there are some really good events in History we can focus on: Christmas, God's entry into the human race; Good Friday, the price of our redemption; and the Resurrection, the assurance of eternal life for all believers. I wasn't trying to get theological in this writing, it just flowed out of the subject because it's part of history, the most important part in fact.

Does this appear written from a personal perspective? I hope so, because that's what I intended, even though I got the idea from somewhere else, someone else. I can't think of a way to expand or improve on what I've written. Sometimes a little says a lot. English is amazing that way, even though it can be complicated at other times. What a perfect word to end this on, on the word, Time.

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