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Great Christian Resources

Have you ever looked for info on Christian issues, or looked for info on a particular subject like creation or the sanctity of marriage or how to respond to a man-made or natural disaster? Here are some resources you can look up to get some answers.

Here's some great Resources and their main offerings and websites.

Creation Ministries

I haven't looked at their website exhaustively, but I know they have great resources.


Matthias Media

They wrote and published a great evangelistic tool called Two Ways To Live. I encourage you check them out.


Insight for Living

Speaker and author Charles R. Swindoll has spoked on various subjects and written a number of books. One of my favorite studies of his is the one about King David. (of Israel)


Here are a few more:

Focus on the Family

James Dobson has done numerous broadcasts and written some books on issues touching families, such as marriage and parenting.


Thru the Bible International

Teacher Dr. J Vernon McGee teaches through the whole Bible in very helpful way. It's been years since I've heard him, but through Oneplace.com, or the ministry website, you could probably find a lot of helpful broadcasts.


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