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Bucket List: 50 before 50

Well, let's see if I can do this: think up enough things to put on my list. Actually, 8 years ago, at a family reunion, my family played a game of answering questions, and one of the questions was about places we would like to go, and maybe also things we'd like to do. I'm not ambitious about going to a lot of places, maybe because traveling is really tiring for me. Actually, I've already accomplished one of my goals from back in 2012: go to China, which I did in 2017 when one of my sisters was working over there. I would still like to go to Israel, if it is ever safe enough in the Middle East, and if the right opportunity opens up, like having enough money, going with a family member, or members, or with a Christian organization. Well, this list would be really aspiring, but actually it looks unrealistic and impossible. But you can't fault someone for dreaming, can you?

Earth in Space-Featured Picture

Here's a list and reasons: (these aren't totally in order of preference, but Israel would be first in any list)

1) Israel-because it is the land of our Savior. Do I need to say any more? I think I already wrote a blog post about going to Israel.

2) Alaska-because it looks fascinating. I hope there's a season when it's not really cold. :)

3) California-to see the grand National Park of Yosemite. I like waterfalls, but maybe not as much as my mom.

4) Hawaii-because it has beautiful scenes, might look like Paradise, wouldn't require a passport to go there. The state also shares my birthday, but I'd prefer that you not look that up. :)

5) France-I think I studied it while in Elementary School. France has a beautiful language, but I'm not sure my hearing is good enough to pick up any helpful phrases.

6) Australia-also studied in Elementary School, somewhat fascinating, but it also sounds and looks like a dry continent.

7) New Zealand-because of the movies: Lord of the Rings. I like the 'lighting of the beacons' scene from "The Return of the King.' My mom does, too.

8) Guatemala-I have two formerly-sponsored girls there. I hope, and assume, that they are safe and faring well, grown up woman.

9) Africa-several different countries-have a sponsored child in one of them, and the other country is the home of one of my brothers-in-law.

10) Iceland-an island not actually covered in ice is intriguing. :)

Well, unfortunately, I can't name any more preferences right now. And I don't know how many of those places I'll actually get to. I do know, however, that the earth is grand. How many pictures of earth in space have you seen? I suggest you look for some. The earth from space is beautiful, and you can't really see any man-made things to mar the vision.

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