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Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year

Sometime in the last few years or so I was curious about the best times to buy things in a calendar year, so I looked it up. But then when I was trying to think of a blog subject for this last blog post of this year, I thought of this buying things subject, and had to look for a chart again. I'll give you the URL for the website that was the primary source of the information I've given you here.

First Quarter - Computer Monitors - Gas Grills - Wedding Supplies - Winter Coats and Clothing

January- Clothing - Broadway Tickets - Carpeting - Furniture - Gift Cards-etc.

February - Broadway Tickets - Cellphones - Televisions and Home Theaters

March - Chocolate - Frozen Foods -Luggage

Second Quarter - Televisions & Electronics - Houses - Cookware - Digital Cameras - Thrift Stores -Vacuum Cleaners

April - Cruises - Sneakers

May - Refrigerators - Mattresses - Office Furniture

June - Dishware - Gym Memberships & Equipment - Tools

Antiques in an Antiques Shop

Third Quarter-Computers

July - Furniture - Home Decor - Tools

August - Linens & Storage - Office Furniture - Kid's Clothing - Office Supplies

September - Appliances - Cars- Holiday Airfare

Fourth Quarter - Cars - Cookware - Gas Grills and Conditioners - Toys and Games

October - Appliances - Broadway Tickets - Jeans - Patio Furniture

November - Appliances - Candy - Television and Electronics - Tools

December - Champagne - Golf Clubs - Pools - Televisions and Electronics - Tools


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