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Bank On Yourself...Great Savings Plan

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

I found out about, and have almost finished a book about, Bank On Yourself: a great savings plan with Whole Life Insurance Plans. You can buy some certain insurance plans which have great benefits:

1) growing death benefits, which you can pass along to loved ones or charities %100 tax-free

2) growing cash value, which you can borrow money from at a lower rate than your bank offers, and you don't even have to apply for a loan!

3) you can buy more than one policy, deciding how much to contribute(from after-tax income) each month, and you can increase your monthly premiums if you want to

4) go to https://www.bankonyourself.com and learn all you need to secure a better retirement and future

5) have a secure nest egg, enjoy your retirement, and much more!

Gold Coins-symbol of prosperity

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