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A Testimony

A Testimony.

I’ve had an interesting life. When I was born, there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t smiling and responding to family and friends like a normal baby. When I was about 5-6 months old, I was diagnosed as having been born without a thyroid gland. The doctor(s) thought i wouldn’t walk or talk. I surpassed their expectations with God’s healing and hand on my life, which I wouldn’t totally acknowledge until years later.

I started to walk when I was 2 1/2, talk when I was 6. I was developmentally behind, but not by too much. I started 1st grade in a public school when I was eight, graduated high school when I was 19. Had a paper route while in middle school/high School. Took some child care Courses, at least one by correspondence, and one at Moore-Norman Technology Center. Have worked in child care at church since I became a Christian in early 1997, at age 18.

Went to China last summer. Have held down a part-time job at a Fast Food restaraunt since April 2005. Struggled with handling different thyroid medicines, and their affect on me. Had eye cataracts (which I could barely notice, actually), which were discovered in June 2003, but by the time I got to a cataract specialist, she couldn’t see any. My doctor asked to look at my eyes again, and when he did, he could no longer see any cataracts.

Have struggled with feeling really tired, not getting enough sleep. Have struggled with not having a helpful balance of exercise/work and relaxation. Have struggled with not having as much income as I would like.

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