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A Case for Faith

September 22, 2018

Theresa’s Evaluation/ ‘book report’

of/on Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith

There was a lot of information in this book from Strobel’s interviews with different men, theologians

(spoiler: I took in this book with an audible book via Audible/ Amazon :)   )

My (unvarnished, unprofessional) analysis, summarizing, and limited understanding of the issues.

8 objections to Faith (that Strobel listed/tried to answer/that might be the chapter headings)

1) So much evil/suffering-how can there be a God?

Suffering is evidence of sin, a messed-up world, juxtaposed to the ‘it is good’ Original Creation/God’s existence, perfection.

2) Does Science and God conflict?

Science is ‘proving’ God in many areas, from Microbiology to the Cosmos

3) Nature and Miracles conflict?

miracles are God intervening in the normal operation of nature

4) God ordered Genocide of mothers and babies in the OT?

Some nations were due to be anihialated because of their rampant wickedness,

for example: Canaanites, Amalekites; other nations in the Promised Land.

5) If Science points to God, how can people use it to say Evolution accounts for Creation?

Some people don’t want to believe in God so they explain the world in other ways.

6) if Jesus is the only way to heaven, what about the millions who have never heard about Him?

Creation points to God; God will give everyone a chance to believe, taking

into consideration what they already know.

7) If God cares about the people He made, how can He send so many of them to hell?

God doesn’t ‘send’ people to hell, they end up there by choosing to not enjoy

His presence in Heaven. Death and hell is basically separation from God’s


8) If God is the Head of the Church, how has it been rife with hypocrisy and scandal? .

Not all people in the church have been genuine Believers

Christians do a lot of things that are in contrast/disobedience to Christ’s teaching/commands.

Can someone have so many doubts and still have faith?

Yes! We don’t all come to faith in Christ with all of our questions already answered-we have to wait for answers to some of our questions.

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